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Paving a Legacy

Improving New Jersey Since 1967

Penn Jersey Paving is proud to bring 4 generations of expertise to the industry. From father to son, we have continually sought to

perfect the craft of asphalt paving.

So much has changed over the years, (as far as technology and regulations) but one thing that has been consistently present is the integrity of our team and our desire to continually provide beautiful improvements

to the businesses and homes in South Jersey.

You will deal directly with the owners, the family of Penn-Jersey,

Art Sr, Art Jr, Harry on site, and their wives,

Kitty, Phoebe and Priscilla in the office.

Our amazing work crew are like family, some of our guys have been with us for years, they strive to be respectful and clean.

Customer service is a high priority, and we want to provide a contractor experience that you can feel comfortable with and know you have chosen the right team for your paving job. 


Our Story

     Charley Jr started paving with his dad in his teens in the Camden County area. Charley saw the transition from the old rudimentary drag box and hand roller to the invention of the asphalt paving machine and drum roller. His experiences navigated the path for refining and perfecting the ideal end result. Things were a lot simpler then, but Charley set the bar high to establish a business model for his sons to carry on.

      Arthur Sr sadly took the post of team leader in 1999 when his father passed from cancer at the young age of 55. With his wife, Kitty, managing the office from home, and Art on the job, Art knew he had big shoes to fill but he was taught by the best. Together they took Penn Jersey into the new millennium with a determination to establish a new and improved business that Pop would be proud of. With technology becoming a key factor in all aspects of life, from computers and cell phones to equipment advancements, Art wanted to incorporate of these factors to take Penn Jersey Paving to the top of the pack and separate his company from the average blacktop crew, all the while apprenticing his own two sons, Art Jr and Harry.

     Art Jr is the oldest son; he and his wife Phoebe take their position in the team very seriously. They work directly with customers giving estimates and quotes, as well as personally following up with any questions you may have. Art Jr is an expert on drainage and grade of job sites, he typically will be setting the grade for the job sites, as well as operating the paver and basically any equipment on site. 

     Harry and his wife Priscilla also are a vital part of the team. Giving estimates and consultations, coordinating schedules and ordering materials, they are always ready to go the extra mile for the team. Harry also runs the equipment, operates the paver, and oversees the crew. 

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